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Bhagawati Poudel

Bhagawati Poudel


My name is Bhagawati Poudel. I was born in 4th October, 1978 at Fajimtar of Dhading district. I have a family of 4 members. I live in Malpur of Chitwan district with my 2 sons and a daughter. My husband does not live with me. He married other girl and separated from me.

When I was living in Dhading (Previous home), earthquake destroyed our life. Our house and all property were destroyed. We struggled for about 7 months but couldn’t stay there for long. After that we moved to Chitwan. Bhim Dhakal (Chef at Sapana Village) is a good friend of my husband. He knew about our settlement in Chitwan. He came to meet us. He knew about our struggle and offered a job oppportunity at Sapana Village as Organic Veg Garden. I took the opportunity  to make my living easier. I am happy that I took the opportunity. Sapana Village is taking care of me. I would like to thanks Sapana Village for taking care of me.

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