Bhim Dhakal


I am Bhim Dhakal. I was born on 17th December 1961 at Gorkha. I have a happy family of 2 son and a wife. I am the person to take responsibility for the quality and taste of your food.

My childhood was spent on poverty. Because of poverty I could not get proper education. I have only finished my education up to SLC.

I lost my mother when I was only one and half years. The main reason of her death was unavailability of good medical treatment in our locality back then. I have faced such tragic problem and I don’t want anybody else to face such tragic incident. That is why I have dreamt about building an Old Age Home (briddhashram) with proper medical facilities and also want to support homeless children.

I worked as cook in Sapana Village about 7 years ago in 2010 AD. I Worked 3 and half years at that time. Dreaming of beautiful career and future I planned to go abroad for employment. But my planning failed me because of my own health issues. Then I roamed other restaurants and hotel searching for job opportunities. But I was not satisfied. At last Sapana village gave me that opportunity. I am happy with my work here.  Guests, owner, and other staffs in Sapana Village are satisfied with me. I want to thank Sapana Village for believing me and giving me second opportunity. I am glad to be a part of Sapana family and feeling good that I am here at this place.

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