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Jungle Safari Excursion

Jungle & Nature excursions and safaris in Chitwan National Park

Elephants are called gentle giants; they are gracious, friendly and highly intelligent creatures. These animals are normally used for safaris mainly sitting four people on their sensitive backs in Chitwan National Park. But Sapana Village offers other elephant friendly activities like feeding them, elephant candy making, drawing or paiting on them, bathing them etc. These beautiful and massive creatures deserve love and care and we hope that many other lodges in Chitwan  follow our idea of supporting animals.

To enter into the Chitwan National Park, you must purchase a park permit.
This permit is valid for the whole day, so you can use it for different excursions on the same the day.
The permit costs 1500 rupees per person and per day. We can arrange this permit for you when you book your excursion with us.
The money from park permit is used to preserve the national park from poaching and deforestation.

Tax is not included in the price.

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