Keshav Pariyar


I am Keshav Pariyar from Siddhi, Shaktikhor. I was born in 11th June 1990. I have completed my study up to SLC. I have a family of 5 member. I like to cook and to travel new places with my freinds and family.

I worked in a local restaurant as waiter for 5 months. Then my brother motivated me to join Cooking as this line has a nice and great future. After that I met Bhim sir who is working at Sapana Village as Chef. He offered me a chance to work in Sapana Village. I worked at Sapana Village as Kitchen helper at beginning. To increase knowledge on cooking I left Sapana Village and joined other hotel. But I didn’t find any other hotel facilitated than Sapana Village. Sapana Village has facilitated and improved Kitchen. It also serves varieties of dishes rather then other Hotels. That inspired me to join Sapana Village once again.

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