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Sapana Elephants

Elephants are gracious, friendly and highly intelligent creatures. Normally they are exploited for commercial issues, which generally means a large number of people squeezed on their sensitive backs for Jungle Safari. But Sapana Village offers other elephant friendly activities like feeding them self-made elephant candy or fresh fruit, painting their skin, bathing them etc. The elephant jungle ride we offer is with maximum number two people to support the elephants’ welfare. These beautiful and majestic animals deserve love and care. We hope many other lodges in Chitwan will follow our initiative of supporting them.

Discover our elephants and their story!

Samrat, our baby elephant

In January, we were proud to celebrate the second birthday of Samrat. After his sickness and a long period of recovery, he is finally fully healed! In 2015, Samrat was seriously sick (due to a herpes virus) and fighting for his life with a 50% chance of survival. During few months, all the Sapana team and local people were helping him to get recovered. People took turns day and night, providing him necessity care and bringing food.

Now he can enjoy each day in Sapana, he is curious and quite active with many activities and games!

Srijana, the mum of Samrat

Srijana is now 40 years old. Before she arrived at Sapana Lodge, this young lady was living in a Hotel in the western part of Chitwan and was regularly going on Jungle Safari rides. Then, she became pregnant and her first owner wanted to sell her because she could not go on safaris during that time.

Sapana Village Lodge heard about that story and decided to buy her and her future baby. Now, she is enjoying her new life at the lodge.

Elephant bathing at Sapana Lodge Chitwan National Park Nepal

Champa Kali, the “Grumpy Girl”

Champa Kali is 37 years old and she arrived at Sapana Village Lodge 6 years ago.  She was born in India and used to carry wood. Then Grumpy Girl arrived in Nepal to work in a hotel and was doing jungle rides with minimum 5 people on her back all day long.

Now that she lives in Sapana, she goes on safari with maximum 2 people on her back and for short rides (1 or 2 hours maximum) to support the Elephant Wellness Program. The rest of the time, she plays around the lodge and has a daily bath in the river. Sometimes she argues with Srijana about the food – that’s why we call her “Grumpy Girl”.