Are you willing to offer your time to our development projects?

Sapana Village is a socially responsible and sustainable tourism based hotel in Chitwan. It is committed to community development in the areas that border of Chitwan National Park, wildlife preserve home to diverse and endangered animals. Sapana Village is pleased to offer an opportunity for others to join us in helping the people of this region.

Giving the gift of your time by volunteering to serve those who have less than you is an excellent way to give back to the global community. More importantly, it helps to make a difference in the lives of those who can benefit most from your wealth of experience, sharing your time and expertise can be even more rewarding than many anticipate. There is nothing in the world more valuable than your contribution to the poor people; it is most beautiful and most pleasing knowing that you have made a positive difference among those with so little, while further expanding your international experience is a chance of a life time.


1. Professional, experienced and inspirational Trainer in the field of Hospitality Management especially in food and beverage. (Kitchen and waiter/waitress)

2. Professional, qualified in general landscaping and a trained horticulturist

3. Experienced web developer


Looking for a Team Manager
We are looking for a Team Manager who can train a member of our team how to manage, enhance and optimize the customer experience in our resort. We are interested in people who should be able to stay at least three months or a student who is writing his thesis and would be interested in an experience abroad.
Skills required :
–  Experience in Hotel management and hospitality
– Ability to teach how to manage operational coordination equally well and customer service attitude
– Motivated and charismatic person
– Good understanding of the hospitality sector and the tourism industry.
You can send us your complete resume and cover letter.

Looking for a Cook teacher
– Experience/knowledge to translate our brief into a real functioning kitchen
– In charge of TRAINING of all things related to the kitchen, which usually includes menu creation, management, scheduling and payroll of entire kitchen staff, ordering and plating design
– Must be dependable, organized and willing to adjust to the needs of the Western tourist (We are looking for knowledge and recipes of French, Spanish, Italian…cuisine)
– Hygienic training
– Knowledge about Nepalese/Asian culture would be a plus
– Knowledge about Organic recipe would definitively be a plus
– Knowledge/experience in cooking for large groups is preferred

Looking for an Interior Designer
We are looking for someone to give us some new ideas by helping us redecorate the rooms of our Lodge.
– A complete resume with educational as well as relevant certificates listed.

Looking for a Landscape/garden designer
– A complete resume with educational as well as relevant certificates listed.
– Professional perspective (able to prepare landscape drawing for the development, from concept to construction), able to give proposals, concept plan, final layout..
– Experience/knowledge to translate our brief into a functioning garden
– Knowledge to choose and place beautiful combinations of plants and flowers to suit the space
– Knowledge of landscaping materials what suits the space and weathers well.
– Able to give fresh ideas that fit with the culture and traditional environment
– Familiarity with Nepal/Asia plant life would be a benefit
– Knowledge about Organic gardening will be definitively a plus.
– Willing to stay and volunteer a minimum of 3 weeks in Chitwan

Looking for a Teacher trainer
We are lookin for someone who is able to train the teachers of the local schools and this way help us to improve the education in Sauraha. What are the requirements:

– experience in teaching field
– someone who is able to teach the local teachers how to teach the children
– proficient knowledge of the English language
– willing to stay for at least a month (preferable)

Looking for a Planner and Business Proposal Writer
We are looking for someone who can help us make a long-term plan and proper business proposals based on and supporting all of Dhurba’s ideas.

Looking for a Designer
For the woman skills project, we are looking for a designer to improve the skills of the women and help them with new ideas and designs. The requirements for this position are:

– be able to work with a sewing machine
– being able to knit and crochet
– improve the working system of the women
– be able to make sewing patterns
– willing to stay for at least 2/3 months

– Bus ticket to Chitwan and pick up from Bus Park to Sapana.
– Accommodation and food during the entire staying at Sapana, ($10 per day, bar bills excluded)
– Some natural and cultural activities on spare time.
– Return bus ticket to Kathmandu.

Written mails and proposals are accepted as soon as possible.

With kind regards,
Dhruba Giri
(Managing Director)
Sapana Village Lodge
Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal
+977 565 80308