Sujan Dhakal

Namaste !

I am Sujan Dhakal. I was Born on 12th of May in 1997 at Taku of Gorkha district.  I am working as Bakery Assistant at Sapana Village Lodge.

I have completed my study up to SLC. I have a family of 4 members with Father, Mother,Sister and myself. My aim is to be renowned Kitchen Chef in Sauraha. I am very much interested in Sports. I love to play Volleyball and Football. Besides I love to travel around with my families and friends.

I had a dream to join in Nepalese military. But I was not able to fulfill my dream. After my failure in joining Nepalese army, I lost my interest in study also. Then my Uncle Bhim Dhakal (Chef at Sapana Village), told me about the opportunity to join Sapana Village. I grab the opportunity and I am doing really great over here. I am fully satisfied with Sapana Village and my work as well.

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