15 October 2020, Chitwan Nepal.
Sapana Village lodge (svsi) organized Beehives Distribution Program on the mutual cooperation with the local government of Kalika Municipality, Chitwan. On the presence of Ratnanagar municipality Mayor Mr. Narayan Ban and Kalika municipality Mayor Mr. Gopi Shrestha, six bee-keeping professional farmers resident in Siddi 10 and 11 wards received 120 beehives. The mission of the project is to empower farmers to get involved in income generating programs even during the pandemic situation.
The sloppy lands of Siddi are suitable areas for growing butter trees that help farmers to adopt beekeeping profession.
(Sapana Village Lodge & SVSI) had successfully completed its 03 year project “A Step Ahead in the Development of Siddi” implementing various motivational and income oriented programs to uplift the life of people. Even though we have started a new project “Every Venture Begins with Dream” in the rural villages of Ichchhakamana Rural-municipality, SVSI continues performing some development projects in Siddi as well.
Thanks to FEMI board for their financial contribution through  (Sapana Village Lodge & SVSI )to this project.