Barsha Puri Giri


Meet the Managing director of Sapana Village Safari Resort, Chairperson of Sapana School Management team and Manager of Sapana Design Project who has been supporting Sapana Village and its respective other faculties with her effort since 2013.

Namaste !!!

I am Barsha Puri Giri, Managing Director of Sapana Village Lodge, chairperson of Sapana School Management team and Manager of Sapana Design Project. Dhruba Giri (Founder of Sapana Village Lodge & President of SVSI) had a Dream from his childhood to become a owner of the lodge and with the profit, he wanted to support to the disadvantages people of community. Sapana means Dream in English.

We met through relatives in 12.23.2011 and got Arranged Marriage in 02.02.2012. We have a daughter Danica Giri, born on 12.09.2013. Now she goes to Sapana School. I’m Happy to be a part of Sapana Village Lodge and team. Because of Sapana Lodge, design project and school, 70 local people are getting jobs instead of going abroad. Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) is an umbrella foundation. Under this foundation, we have Sapana Design, Sapana School, Sapana Tharu Home stay etc. We support local community through our umbrella organization SVSI. Luckily I and my husband have a similar Dream and we are now working together to make the common Dream of people come True.
With sincere thanks and respect,
Barsha Puri Giri
Staff Hotel B&B Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal