Hira B.K.

Namaste Dear Guests!

              I am Hira B.K, the son of Mr. Ram Prasad and Mrs. Ratnakala B.K. I was born in1993 and come from a village of Rantanagar municipality, Pithuwa 16 – Chitwan.  I have a small family with 06 members that include my three married sisters, a brother and father. We are unfortunate to experience the great loss of our mother in her mid age due to her illness. It is life and sometimes we have to come-up with this kind of situation.
I have an opportunity to go to school and passed SLC level. Then I started hearing about working in India to earn money from relatives. Poverty was another reason that I couldn’t join further college education. One day, I got a call from my sister-in-law who was working as a Chef in India. I made up my mind to leave Nepal because I couldn’t get good working opportunity here at that time.
I have 03 years working experience as cook assistance in Pingale Garden Restaurant in Pune, India. Then I joined Classic Rock Coffee Company, another restaurant in Pune and worked for 18 months. I worked in The Latit Golf & Spa and Resort in Goa as cook from 2016 until 2018. While I was working in WESTIN Hyderabad, I had to return Nepal due to my family issues. Then I decided to work in Nepal and stay together with family.
Thanks to Sapana Village for giving me an opportunity to manage kitchen and the team. I believe that the team in the kitchen can serve you the best food.