Depak Bote


Meet the Front Desk Executive of Sapana Village Safari Resort who has been contributing as a cashier.

Namaste and Greetings to all!!

Hi, It’s me Depak Bote.

I was born on Feb 02,1998 in Ratnanagar 5 Magar Village. I have studied till 10th grade. I work as a Steward in Sapana Village Lodge for over an year. I try my best to teach my workmates how to serve food & beverages to the guest. It’s my duty to guide my workmates on serving different types of drinks and teaching them how to do it. Before joining Sapana Village Lode I used to work in Maleku Blue Heaven Restaurant for 2 years. I also worked in Popside  restaurant, Chitwan for over 2 years. I have done standard food & beverage Training and also U.S.A.D standard food and beverage training. I live with my wife, son, Mom, an older sister and 2 brothers. My dream was to work as a waiter and now I aim to earn enough money to be able to open my own hotel business. And I want to be a good waiter. I love singing and reading books. I want to do less by being a good citizen.

@Sapana Lodge Staff in Chitwan,Sauraha, Nepal