Durga Gurung


I am Durga Gurung. i was born on 1st of October, 1967. I live in Chitrasari. I have a beautiful family of 4 members.  I have a beautiful wife and 2 lovely children. One of them is Son and next one is Daughter. My son is studying in abroad and my daughter is a teacher in a community school. They both are doing fine.

I worked in Highland Resort as Driver for 4 years. Later I met Dhruba sir (owner) and Naran sir (Manager) of Sapana Village. They both offered me a job Sapana Village. I heard lots of good stuffs about Sapana Village. I was very eager to work there. So I grab the opportunity.  I enjoy working here at Sapana Village.  It’s so good to be a part of Sapana team.

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