Earthquake relief has been distributed in Gorkha and Dhading districts in the collective effort of different organizations : Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI), Lions Club of Chitwan, FEMI Foundation, Netherlands and Karuna Foundation, Tourism Entrepreneurs Group of Sauraha, Elephant United management Co-operative Limited and Community Help Center Nepal – Bachhauli, Chitwan.

The team distributed essential goods and other basic needs in the quake ravaged villages including the tents, medicines, food items and so on. The medical checked-up of the on duty health assistances in the team was much apprecited by the locals.

Likewise, the relief was distributed to the total of 184 and 120 families respectively in Bhumlichowk VDC (Village Development Committee) and Dhuwakot VDC (ward number 8 and 9 ). Similarly, the relief was distributed to total number of 300 families in 17 villages of Dhading District in Madhuban VDC – ward number 11 and 13. The truck full load of relief including tones of food items like Rice, lentils, salt, oil, puffed rice, beaten rice, tooth paste and brush, biscuits, noodles, porridge, sanitary items, tents as well as lots of other essential goods were distributed in the affected areas.

The other taregt destinations of SVSI are Sindhupalchock, Makwanpur, Nuwakot and Chepang Villages(Chitwan). Please stay in touch for the update and we truly like to thank to every individual for their direct and indirect participation for Relief Fund. If you are interested to help the quake hit victims, please click the link below:

Update : 
Dated on 29th and 30th April 2015, Relief Distribution Program was joinly organized by Sapana Village Social Impact, Sauraha and Restaurant and Bar Association Sauraha Nepal, visiting a few different badly damaged villages of Bunkot Village Development Committee in Gorkha District. Our team of 14 people noticed that the helpless victims of massive disaster were eagerly awated the relief. The team were able to distribute Tents, Mats, Food and Medicine to more than 350 families. “No relief has been reached to this village from the government,” says the local man. There are more villages in Gorkha District which are badly effected by regular hits. Due to the difficult access by jeep, the team members were not able to reach those villages. We hope, the government will use Helicopters to bring relief to those completely houseless people.