On the joint collaboration of SAPANA VILLAGE LODGE, CHITWAN, SAPANA VILLAGE SOCIAL IMPACT and OPEN- EYES, GERMANY, a FREE DENTAL CAMP – 2014’ has been successfully completed, hitting the number of patients exceeding the expectations.

The series of camps (October 11th – October 16th) held in different places and locations of Chitwan district and its neighbors, was officially commenced in Kumroj &  Jhuwani village, following the places like Kamalpur & Sahapur schools of Padampur, Dumkauli Community Health Post, Nawalparasi , Chitrasen Club of Ratnanagar, Chitwan, Basantapur Community Hostipal, Madi, Gambenshi Chepang Home and Sapana Village, Sauraha, Chitwan.

The closing ceremony of the event was organized in the premises of SAPANA VILLAGE LODGE inviting the respected personality of the community, newspapers and television reporters. We thank all the local organizers & social workers, volunteers, journalists, teachers, and many more that were the major aspects beside the success of camps. The camps were totally satisfactory providing the dental service to a great number of people.

According to the statistics, more than 2700 poor, helpless and deserving patients with pathetic economic condition, who couldn’t afford even to check their health status were screened and were directly benefitted through this program. Among them, approximately 1300 patients received the direct dental treatment, following by 850 patients receiving tooth extraction service. Likewise, tooth fillings were carried out on 290 patients whereas more than 370 patients received teeth scaling service.

Moreover, such programs are helping in other sectors as well.  According to the people, this free dental camp is regarded as one of the best program ever. It is believed to be a boon for the people who are lagging behind the hills and remote areas that are still deprived of health services. The people are really grateful for receiving such benefits and are expecting to be continued in the further days.