JB Thapa

Experienced in Local and Western Dishes, Sapana Tharu Kitchen Assistance

Chef Mr. J.B. THAPA

I am J.B. Thapa, work as an assistance Chef in Sapana Tharu Kitchen. Born in Magh
2035 B.S. according to our Nepali calendar in Abukhaireni of Tanahu district, I am married and
have children.
I have been working in the tourism hotels and restaurants for many years. I do not have
a good educational background, but I always have passion of works. Starting as a dish cleaning,
kitchen helper and cook in many different places, I joined a wonderful team of Sapana Tharu
Kitchen as an assistance Chef. I am truly happy and would like to offer best at work and with
the team. Thanks to management team for giving me this opportunity.
Just stop for chats if you are interested to know about food and ingredients.

Sapana Lodge Staff