Joke van der Zwaan


Joke van der Zwaan is certified Mindfulness and yoga/meditation teacher.
You can discover her work on her website: and also the different projects she works for:

She practices Zen meditation and yoga for over 25 years and she was a yoga teacher, in addition to her job as a medical secretary.

During a rehabilitation process associated with a knee operation, she discovered that this was the moment to give a new direction to her life. She quit her job as a medical secretary and choose to be a full time mindfulness trainer in her own little company ‘Wings and Footprints’ since 2010. From then, she does what her heart tells her to do. Helping people to find more inner peace by offering 8 weeks during mindfulness trainings.

Why Mindfulness in Nepal?

Nepal has a special place in Joke’s heart. For more than 13 years she is organizing benefit concerts in Aalsmeer to support the poorest people in Nepal. In cooperation with Dhruba Giri, president of Sapana Village Social Impact and the hotel Sapana village Lodge, she supports several projects in Nepal.

‘Nepal has a rich spiritual culture and that is what I feel every time I come in Nepal. It feels like ‘coming home’. The Nepali people are very nice and relaxed. It is like they live more into ‘this moment’. And that is exactly what mindfulness is: learning to live more in the ‘NOW’.

So doing these meditations and exercises in this beautiful and peaceful place, where the right energy is, will be very inspiring. Dhruba built a special nice place with a beautiful sight out on the river for these meditation and yoga lessons.

With a part of your donations for he mindfulness teachings, I would like to support the projects of SVSI . Sapana means ‘dream’. With doing this work in my favorite country and helping the people in Nepal at the same time, my dream will come true.