Tourism is an important resource for the economic growth of the developing countries. Sapana Village Lodge that borders at the edge of Chitwan National Park not only offers great variety of natural excursions, but also implement tourism to be the part of community mobilization strategy that can reinvent the the role of cultural heritage so that it serves to the needs of everyone.

Sapana Village can be the excellent destination for not only to the individual, couple and families, but it also provides wonderful environment to the internal and external students to learn the preservation of culture, natural heritage, local art and crafts and other economic development resources.

With pleasure, we would like to work together with schools that keep interest to educate children through traveling to Chitwan Park by participating in our Tharu cultural performances and jungle excursions.

Many activities for children at Sapana Village Lodge !
Elephant Activities by Sapana Village Lodge
Student of British School Making Food for Elephant in Sapana Village Lodge,Chitwan, Nepal
Education tour,About Elephant in Sapana Village Lodge,Chitwan, Nepal