Sponsors Sapana Lodge Chitwan


The FEMI Foundation offers opportunities to people, young and old, to achieve a more dignified existence in a more sustainable manner. It offers inspiration based on mutual respect and equality in collaboration and rapport towards active involvement and creativity. It initiates and connects in every area of well-being and welfare while recognising everybody’s own responsibility and individuality. The foundation mainly helps us with our Chepang Project and has been an important partner after the earthquake to help the victims in Chitwan area.


Every year benefit pop/rock concerts are organized in Aalsmeer for Nepal. Musicians play for free. The audience pay fees to get in. OSA a city government foundation of Aalsmeer doubles the proceeds. Projects: various hygiene projects, contribution to Sapana School, school uniforms, emerge relief earthquake and rebuilding schools that were destroyed by the earthquake.

If you want to know more please see the website: www.nepalbenefiet.webs.com of the facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/nepalbenefietaalsmeer/

Reach Out 2

In 2009, Reach Out 2 is founded by Liesbeth Nagelkere. Reach Ou’s aim is to inform and advise organizations and help them with their strategies. Liesbeth in a network and a creative. These aspects became visible when she started Credivance BV by Fortis Bank, and when she got the opportunity to star the Rabo Charity Desk by Rabobank. At that time, the desk was an innovation thanks to its focus on private wealth and the assistance in realizing ambitions of the society. Liesbeth is still expanding her network, always looking for new innovations and opportunities for asset funds.

Sonmar Namasté

SonMar Namasté Foundation initiates small projects in Nepal supported through long-term financial sponsorship of their donors. SonMar Foundation was founded in 2009 by Marjolein Kars and Sonja Verheijen, two teachers who did volunteering in Nepal. The foundation consists in four people, including also René Bontje and Wim Kars. With various actions, they collected the money they invest in Nepal, in different small-scale projects.

Open Eyes Germany

Open Eyes Germany helps up a lot to organize the Dental Camp in Sapana Village. For many years, they are involved in different local social projects in Nepal, especially in Education and Health care. In Germany, they organize many events to help Nepal with financial resources.


Bunch offers thousands of disadvantages children a chance for a better future by helping in the health and education sectors, because children have the potential for socio-economic growth of the entire community. Karlien Bongers, the founder of Bunch, and Ines von Rosenstiel-Jadoel have created Medical Checks for Children in 2005 and already accomplished 35 MCC missions in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Bolivia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania.

Sapana Village Social Impact, and our community, would like to thank all the donors, individuals and companies, who helped us to realize our different projects since many years.