It is heartbreaking to know about the casualties made by disastrous hurricane yesterday in Bara and Parsa, the Terai area of eastern Nepal. It has been reported that 25 have lost their lives and 400+ are injured and hospitalized and many are left homeless. We pray with god to provide them enough strength to fight this situation and the government will respond immediately and effectively.

We were shattered by the news of death and physical loss in Bara and Parsa due to the Hurricane. We could not only be a mere observer so we thought to go there with some relief material. For this we needed some fund so we requested  SVSI(Sapana Village Social Impact) to collaborate. We also got help from REBAN sauraha and we went to Feta-1 and 2 with relief material (mosquito net, bed sheet, tooth pest, brushes, soaps, sanitary pads) for 300 families and distributed to the victims in the presence of the local authorities.