Sanju Paudel

Beautiful Safari Resort in Chitwan @sapanavillagelodge, please meet our team member Miss
Sanju Poudel.She is a great team player works in @Sapanahandicraftsshop (Round little house in the middle
of the garden) and Sapana Women Design Project. Buy gift for your family with her.

My name is Sanju Poudel. I was born on 15 May 2001 A.D. in Sauraha, Chitwan. I have
a small family of three members – my mother and a brother. My father works in India, but we
have no news and updates about him for the last fourteen years. We send some of our relatives
to find how he is doing, but no one could get any information. We hope that he is in good
health and will come home one day.

My mother worked as a house keeping staff in different hotels of Sauraha to earn money
and send us to school. Sometimes, I also followed her to work and get to know about tourism.
Beside my study, I also helped her at cleaning and cooking in the house. We have some goats
and chickens as well.
It’s truly my pleasure to join the team of Sapana Village Lodge. I look after the handicraft
shop of Sapana Design Project and teach new things to the local Tharu women.
Have a pleasant stay in this safari resort of Chitwan @sapanavillagelodge
Thank you.

@Sapana Lodge Staff in Chitwan,Sauraha, Nepal