Dated Dec 4 2018, Sapana Village Lodge is always there with community people for empowering and development activities to bring some positive changes. Thanks to Rebecca Williams from USA for providing her valuable time to research Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats of the women in Musahar community of Ratnanagar-07, Malpur. SVSI will co-operate with Rebecca and her foundation to initiate some inspiring projects for the development of this ethnic group of Nepal.

Thanks to Mr. Lal Bahadur Bhatta (Rajan), the chairman of Ratnanagar – 07, for giving us sometime to attend this program and his inspiring speech. The first phase of interaction program is only with women.

Another interaction program dated dec 5 2018 with the males from Musahar Tol of Ratnanagar – 07. Grass-root problems of this ethnic group were discussed and thanks to Rebecca William for counselling them on the issues of health and sanitation, education, environment and livelihood, skills training and income resources. We are so glad that these people truly shared their opinions about the major issues of the community that have caused their living quite difficult.

Sapana Village Lodge with Sapana Village Social Impact is on process to work together with Rebecca and her foundation to implement the long term development impact in this community.