March 21, 2023, Sapana Madheworti Women Musahar Farmer Group has planted paddy for the first time in their partial 6 acres of land for the new experiment. The main motive of this program is to reduce the main challenge faced by the Musahar women in creating Organic Farm ie. growth of unnecessary grasses and weeds as the group do not use any kind of chemical fertilizer and pesticides to make the farm 100% organic. The photographs depict women manually rooting the spring season rice seedlings for transplantation to the main field.
The reason we chose Rice is because it is a staple cereal and plays an important role in the food security and livelihoods of Nepalese people. Terai, the southern belt of Nepal is referred to as the nation’s “food belt”, where more than eighty percent of farm households are actively engaged in rice production.
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