Natural Safari Resort in Chitwan @sapanavillagelodge, meet our team member Mr. Shankar
Adhikari.Shankar is Motivated and Enthusiastic in guests’ service in Sapana Tharu Restaurant.

My Name is Shankar, the name given by my parents after the bravest Hindu God Shiva
or Shankar. I was born on 6 September 2001 in the remote village of Abukhaireni in Tanahu
district. I grew up with the love and care of my mother because we lost the valuable guardian of
family, my father. I was only eight years old at that time.
“Surviving has always been tough to my family”, my mother says. I could hardly finish my
high school level education even though we lacked sufficient funds. The only earning we had
was from the labor works of my mother that I also started at the age of 14. But I didn’t stop
from going to school at that time.
I love soccer and played various village competitions as a goalkeeper in the team. The goal to
reach as a team is always important that I am learning in Sapana Village Lodge. I came to know
about this place from my relatives in Chitwan. By the way, the owner’s family of this beautiful
resort is my relatives as well. They accepted me to work here and always teach new things to
do. I support my family through the earnings here.
I am in the service team Sapana Tharu Restaurant. I serve you delicious typical and western
meals with smiles. But I am still on the learning phase so that I can learn from you too. I have
also learnt to make organic coffee. I love nature and feel good to join wildlife nature guides as
their assistance.
Have a lovely staying in @sapanavillagesafarilodgechitwan and please feel comfortable to chat
with us should you have any questions. Thank you.

@Sapana Lodge Staff in Chitwan,Sauraha, Nepal