Suman Pariyar

Natural Tourist Destination in Nepal @sapanavillagelodge, meet our Sapana Kitchen team
member Mr. Suman Pariyar He is a smart team player in Sapana kitchen who learns new things quickly and cook your delicious meals. He is also a baker.

I am Suman Pariyar. I was born on 13 March 2001 A.D in a mountain village of
Damauli, Tanahu district. I and my younger brother attended the school in the rural village until
our family moved to the town of Damauli. My parents looked for some works to earn and send
us to good school. Unfortunately, the shadows of darkness covered the happiness of my life.
About ten years ago, I lost my father due to lungs cancer. A few years later, my mother passed
away because of heart-attack. We were completely left alone in that strange town. I and my
brother were adopted and looked after by a God sister family. My bother still lives with that
When I finished my two years’ education in college, I really wanted to be an independent
person. I thought that I should be looking for a job. I had no ideas where to go and what to do. I
tried to be a teacher in school, but I was not selected. Then I thought to visit my relatives in
Chitwan in 2020 and asked for their help. They brought me to Sapana Village Lodge and the
kind owner immediately asked me to join in the kitchen. I had to learn everything from cleaning
to cooking. I gained more knowledge from the here. It is truly a wonderful place to work. I love
everything here.
Please enjoy your holiday here. Thank you.

Sapana Staff in Chitwan, Nepal, Sauraha