Sunita Mahato

Namaste! My name is Sunita, but most people simply call me Didi, which means sister in Nepali and is the common form of addressing an adult woman. So all my female co-workers are called Didi here. A

ccording to the Nepali calendar I was born in the year 2037, which is 1974 according to your calendar. I never attended school because of my family’s financial situation and my parents didn’t think child education was important during those days.

I was needed for house and field work to support my family. I have 2 daughters and 2 sons. My husband works as a rickshaw driver. I started working at Sapana Village Lodge as a kitchen helper, but now work as the supervi­sing room attendant. I very much enjoy being a part of Sapana Village’s family. It is my ambition to do my work well.

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