• 35 $/per person
  • Half day program
  • 50% of price goes to the village

Get the First hand experience of the Tharu community living in nearby villages. First the guest are dropped from the Sapana Village Lodge to the nearby Tharu Village from our vehicle and then we go for fishing on the river in Tharu style then after that we visit the Tharu Village. There the Tharu people are already made aware of the incoming guests and so they make well preparation for welcoming the guest in their own Tharu style and the Tharu people are happy to do so. They also offer welcome drinks to the guests such as  Masala Tea and they offer the guest to make Henna Tattoo only if the guests wish to do so and during that time the Tharu people will also tell the stories, tradition and culture of Tharus. After the completion of the Henna Tattoos the guests can visit the organic vegetable farm and pick vegetables with local tharus from there the guests can visit the Tharu Kitchen where the Tharus teach the guests how to cook the fish they caught earlier with the handpicked vegetables from the farm in their own Tharu style and after cooking they can have lovely dinner in the peaceful Tharu village under the sky.

Imagine how much fun and excitement it could be to prepare your dinner at a Tharu house in the village being together with women and children.
They dress you up with their traditional uniforms while performing the culture dance. (Don’t scare, uniforms are only for women guests). Highly appreciated and
recommended by most of our visitors, this unique Tharu cooking and dinner program benefits the local people.


  • 8 $/per person
  • Duration : max 2 hours
  • Maximum : 6 persons per group
  • With guide

Culture, tradition, religion and heritage. Visit a village by oxcart or jeep and walk through the village in the morning or evening. Visit a house, share a cup of tea, and get know the Tharu.


  • 20 $/per person
  • Half day, bike included
  • With guide


  • 32 $/per person
  • Full day, lunch & bike included
  • Minimum two persons
  • With guide

After having your breakfast in Sapana village, ride your bike for an half or full day riding. You will see, many unexplored Tharu places and villages, take time to
enjoy and be the witness of the countryside life. You will have your lunch into a Tharu village, where one family prepares your lunch.

Nepali Culture @Sapana Village Lodge In Chitwan, Nepal
Tharu-Culture Tours & Excursions by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal


  • 7 $/per person
  • Duration : 45 minutes

Visit traditional Tharu stick dances at the cultural centre. These are cultural and traditional dances with long and short sticks performed by local Tharu people.
They represent the different festivals and ceremonies. You will be amazed by these war-like dances.

Tharu Fishing Program in Sapan Village lodge
Tharu Fishing Program in Sapan Village lodge
Tharu Fishing Program in Sapan Village lodge
  • 9 $/per person
  • 50% of price goes to the village
  • Duration : 1-2 hours (depending how
    much lucky you are for fishing !)
  • Maximum : 5 persons per group


Learn to fish Tharu style with a nest or a basket while walking through the river.
After you have returned you can share great stories over typical rice wine and Tharu appetizers.

NEPAL - Chitwan National Park, Tharu people


  • 7 $/per person
  • 50% of price goes to the village
  • Maximum : 5 persons
  • Duration : max 2 hours


Join the women on the field and plant rice, cut grass, carry leaves and share a private moment
with locals Tharu.

Sapana Tharu Homestay in Sapana Lodge
NEPAL - Chitwan, Tharu people
Tharu decoration in Sapana Village Lodge


  • 8 $/per person
  • 50% of price goes to the village
  • Maximum : 10 persons

Learn to make your own Tharu decorations while being taught by Tharu women. With a group or individually you make beautiful creations with
your hands on the walls of a Tharu house. The Tharu make these decorations to bring good luck to the family.
By helping them you become, for a little while, part of the family.



  • 10 $/per person
  • 50% of price will go to the village
  • Duration : 1 hour



The Tharu are known for the many tattoos on their legs and arms, especially the women. It is possible to get your own Tharu tattoo painted by one of the local
women. Don’t worry, ‘tattoos’ are made with henna and will fade and disappear after a some days.