People buy Elephants hoping to have a big income from the safaris in the jungle without thinking that how much it would cost to feed them. Sitting on the back of this huge living creature, Elephant Jungle Ride provides a great vantage point for viewing the numerous number of wild animals specially the world famous one-horned Rhinoceros. Surprisingly, elephants get very close to the rhinos as if they are neighbors. Srijanakali, a new elephant resident at Sapana Village territory had a hard time at another place when she was pregnant and unable to go for safari. Her meeting in the night with a male wild elephant resulted in being pregnant. Then the owner after a few months had difficult moments of feeding the elephant keeping her at the stable. He wanted to sell her and this was an opportunity for us to bring her at Sapana Village. She is happy to be well fed and having a few baths everyday walking through the garden of Sapana. The pregnancy period of an elephant is approximately 22-24 months. We are expecting that Srijanakali will be giving birth to a baby in 3 months. So we are happy to welcome the infant in Sapana Village Lodge by August!!!!

pregnant elephabt at sapana village lodge