Tilu Praja

Namaste! I am Tilu, born in Kaule-5, Tobang, Chitwan, the village situated to the northern part of Chitwan National Park. I’m the first child for my parents – Motiram Praja and Krishna Kumari Praja who have five children. It means, I have two younger brothers and two sisters who are still living back in the village struggling their hard life. My parents depend on farming and grow crops like maize and millet. The lands of hilly region aren’t fertile so that we do not get much food for the whole year. Then the entire family members have to go in search of jungle fruits for the food.

The education in remote villages of margina­lized ethnic community of Chepang people has always been a real threat and challenge. Children have to walk long distance ups and downs through the hills to reach school.

I had my primary education in Shree Natio­nal Primary School, Hattibang and secondary education in Shaktikhor, Chitwan. When I was staying with my family helping them at work to start my higher education, I met Mr. Dhruba Giri, the Managing Director of Sapana Village Lodge and SVSI project who was leading the mission Medical Checks for Children in our village.

Taking no time to decide that I wanted to join Sapana Village working team and go to college for my further study, I arrived to this wonderland along with the group.

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