Project Description

THARU-CULTURE – Chitwan National Park Nepal

Chitwan National Park is the Homeland of the Tharu who are the original tribe of this region. They have their own language, culture and traditional beliefs. They were the only inhabitants of Chitwan up until the late 1950s. Lord Buddha was a Tharu. Originally all the Tharu were Buddhists, but nowadays, some Tharus are Buddhist and some are Hindu. Buddhist and Hindu Tharu live peacefully side by side.

The Tharu excursions benefit both you and the Tharu people.
The Tharu culture excursions offer you insight into the daily life of the Tharu people. Many Tharu think they should do everything the western way and, by doing so, they abandon their own culture. These excursions aim to make the Tharu feel proud of their culture again. We also try to preserve the culture by giving the local community an economical base for preserving it. 50% of the earnings of these excursions go directly to the local people. The other 50% supports other Sapana projects.

4025 rupees per person
Duration: overnight
Transportation, dinner, tattoo included

You will leave the hotel in an oxcart or horse car around 15.00 pm to go to a Tharu village. Here you will be greeted by little girls with flowers and garlands in their hands.
This is the typical Nepali way of welcoming guests. Walking into the village you will be well informed about the Tharu culture and traditions and finally you will prepare your dinner together with the local family.

Do you like dancing? The family will entertain you at night by dancing and singing with you. There are two comfortable twin rooms where you can spend the night.

Always wanted a tattoo? The Tharu women can make a beautiful temporary henna tattoo on your hands or feet.
It will be a unique experience to get to know the local people

690 rupees per person
Duration: max 2 hours
Maximum: 6 people in one group
With guide

During this trip you learn about the local people, culture, tradition, religion and heritage. Visit a village by oxcart or jeep and walk through the village in the morning or evening. Visit a house, share a cup of tea, and get know the Tharu.

1725 rupees per person.
Half day, bike included
With guide

2875 rupees per person
Full day, lunch & bike included
With guide

After having your breakfast in Sapana village, ride your bicycle for an half or full day riding. You will see, many unexplored Tharu places and villages, take time to enjoy and be the witness of the countryside life.

You will have your lunch into a Tharu village, where one family prepares your lunch.
After a break, you will continue your tour and come back at Sapana village.

Tharu Cooking and Dinner
1210 rupees per person (50% amount of the program directly go to the women group)
Approximately 3 hour program

Imagine how much fun and excitement it could be to prepare your dinner at a Tharu house in the village being together with women and children. They dress you up with their traditional uniforms while performing the culture dance. (Don’t scare, uniforms are only for women guests) Highly appreciated and recommended by most of our visitors, this unique Tharu cooking and dinner program benefits the local people.

405 rupees per person
Duration: 45 minute

Visit traditional Tharu stick dances at the cultural centre. These are cultural and traditional dances with long and short sticks performed by local Tharu people. They represent the different festivals and ceremonies.
You will be amazed by these war-like dances.

750 rupees per person
50% of price goes to the village
Duration: 1-2 hours (depending how much lucky you are for fishing!)
Maximum: 5 people in one group

Learn to fish Tharu style with a net or a basket while walking through the river. After you have returned you can share great stories over typical rice wine and Tharu appetizers.

405 rupees per person
50% of price goes to the village
Max: 5 people
Duration: max 2 hours

Join the women on the field and plant rice, cut grass, carry leaves and become a Tharu for a few hours.

575 rupees per person
50% of price goes to the village
Max. 10 people
Duration: 2 hours

Learn to make your own Tharu decorations while being taught by Tharu women. With a group or individually you make beautiful creations with your hands on the walls of a Tharu house.
The Tharu make these decorations to bring good luck to the family. By helping them you become, just for a little while, part of the family.

750 rupees per person
50% of price will go to the village
Duration: 1 hour

The Tharu are known for the many tattoos on their legs and arms, especially the women. It is possible to get your own Tharu tattoo painted by one of the local women. Don’t worry, ‘tattoos’ are made with henna and will fade and disappear after a few days.

2070 rupees per person
Minimum: group of 3 people
Duration: half day program
With guide

We drive you by jeep with a guide. This tour takes you to visit the Tharu religious and Hindus historical place called “Dev Ghat” close to “Narayangarh” City. This is also the place where two very famous rivers called “Trisuli” and “Kali Gandaki” join. The Tharu people use this place for funeral processions and cremations.

With a map provided by the Lodge you can explore the surroundings by bike or by foot. Bikes are available for rent at Sapana Village Lodge.

Please respect the people and their privacy. We kindly ask you no to enter a house uninvited and to respect the dress-code when visiting a village by covering your shoulders and knees.

If you want to take a photo of someone, please ask permission first. Not every local wants to be photographed. If you take the photo with a digital camera, we suggest you to show the person the result. This is a very nice way to communicate with the people and you also return the favor. Children especially find the pictures highly amusing.

Nepali people really appreciate it when you greet them. Nepali people say ´Namaste´ and fold their hands in front of their forehead or chest.

We kindly ask you not to offer the local people money.

If you would like to help the locals in a constructive way, please contact our staff details of sustainable ways to contribute.

Price 750 rupees per person half day.
Nepali festival in a Tharu village

Dashain, the greatest festival for all Hindus in Nepal falls on September/ October. We worship Goddess Durga for the entire 10 days celebration. Deepawli, the festival of lights and colors falls on the month of Kartik(October/November) according to Nepali calendar. Jitiya,Tharu Dashain (sept/oct), Teej, mainly the festival for Hindu women, (september), Holi, color festival (march)….

You can participate in local festivals like Dashain, Deepawli, Jitiya then eat, sing and dance with the local community and become one of them. This is a unique program to show the richness of the Tharu and Nepali culture. Please contact us for more information and opportunities.


Or celebrate your marriage year and date.
Do you want your wedding to be very special and out of the ordinary? A good option is to get married in Tharu-style. This means a day-long festival with different rites and special ceremonies.

We drive you by ox car in a village at 2 o’clock. Bride and groom start the day in different houses. They will be dressed in traditional clothes and wear the luxurious traditional Tharu jewellery.

The bride gets henna tattoos, like the Tharu do in their centuries old tradition. You are drive into the temple where you exchange flower necklace with the priest. One of our local English spoken guides will be with you to translate and explain the tradition. Then you come to the Tharu village, having a dinner with them and you come back to the Sapana lodge.

You will borrow the jewellery for the ceremony.
Dress for men and women will be made by the local tailor few days advance. Then you can take with you after the ceremony.

23,000 rupees per couple, the ceremony, traditional dress for the bride and the groom, rent of Tharu jewellery, food, drinks and party for both of you on the evening.
If you want to invite guest: additional guest 600 rupees p.p (for the day, transportation and food included).