Chepang Hills visit

Chitwan is widely known for its National Park, famous for its population of rhinos, tigers and elephants. However, this trail leads you through the unexplored beautiful hillsides of Chitwan. Besides the natural beauty, the trail offers cultural highlights of one of the indigenous communities of Nepal.

This area is the home of the Chepang people who lead a semi-nomadic life and have rich cultural traditions. Due to their distinct life style and the remoteness of their homeland, this indigenous group belongs to the much marginalized groups of Nepal.
The trail is designed to lead through the homeland of Chepangs and their lovely villages in order to generate income possibilities for them and to raise awareness about Chepang culture among foreign visitors and Nepali people. This trail lies at a moderate altitude and in a comfortable climate zone.

Bicycle Activates in Sapana Village Lodge
Bicycle Activates in Sapana Village Lodge
    By mountain bicycle: USD $60  per person (minimum 2 people)
    Duration: Full day trip, jeep transportation included, picnic lunch included, no park permit needed,tax included
    Minimum: 2 people  / With guide
    We provide you a mountain bike and a helmet.
    This great adventure offers you the opportunity to explore an amazing heritage while cycling on your own pace along some of the hidden trails in the mountain with the warm smiles of locals. We drive you into the beautiful mountains until Siddhi where you will enjoy a typical Chepang lunch in a village enjoying the mountains view and the rich birds-life.
    USD $60  per person (minimum 2 people)
    Duration: Full day trip, picnic lunch included, no park permit needed, tax included
    Minimum : 2 people  /  With guide
    We will drive you to the Sita-Ram Jharana(waterfall in Nepali) that lies approximately 40 km North-East of Sapana Village in Korak Village, an untouched touristic area in Chepang Hill. Drop out from the jeep, walk along the river for a 2 hours and half trekking, enjoying the rich birds-life towards a beautiful waterfall where you relax and jump into the cold water for refresh swim.
    $50 per person (minimum 2 people) 
    Duration: Full day trip, picnic lunch included,good mountain bike with helmet,  no park permit needed, tax included
    Minimum: 2 people/ with guide
    First, We will drive you by jeep to the Lother Dam lies approximately  30 km East from Sapana Village Lodge (a hidden lowland of Chitwan just on the another side boundary of Chitwan National Park). We will start our cycling trip throughout boundary of Chitwan National Park. We will have lunch at a typical tharu village after cycling of around 2 hours. We will explore the culture and lifestyle of local ethnic group of people (Tharu) .
    Then after, we will again drive through forest with relaxing bird sounds and silent natural environment toward Sapana Village Lodge. At the evening we will end our tour with beautiful sunset.
Bicycle Activates in Sapana Village Lodge

Chepang Hills trekking By Sapana Village Lodge

Sapana Activates and Tharu Village Visit