Getting married in Tharu Style in Sapana Village

Do you want your wedding to be very special and out of the ordinary? A good option is to get married in Tharu-style. This means a day-long festival with different rites and special ceremonies.

Bride and groom start the day in different villages. They will be dressed in traditional clothes and wear the luxurious traditional Tharu jewellery. The bride gets henna tattoos, like the Tharu do in their centuries old tradition. The day begins at 2 o’clock and ends in the evening.

This ceremony can also be used to renew wedding vows or to confirm a partnership.

Dress and jewellery
The jewellery you use in the ceremony day is normally not for sale, but it is possible to order your own set to buy. The dress, specially made for you to wear on the wedding ceremony, and tax is included. Jewellery has to be ordered min. 3 weeks ahead. Please contact us for more information.

USD $795 per couple, additional guests USD $12 p.p. (for the day, transportation and food included).
The price includes the ceremony, traditional dress for the bride, rent of Tharu jewellery, food and drinks and party. Non local hard drinks & soft drinks are not included.

Wedding Nepal - Tours & Excursions by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal
Wedding Nepal - Tours & Excursions by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal

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