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Bhim Praja 2016-11-17T12:58:43+00:00

Bhim Praja

Hello, I was born in Siddi-9, Chherbang village of Chitwan. Being in a large family including grand-parents, we always have limited food and other comforts. Most of the Chepang people in my village still live semi nomadic lifestyle. The main occupation of my parents is agriculture and they grow crops and fruit trees like bananas and mangoes. The production in the farmland is never sufficient for the entire year so that we have to roam around for other source of food like jungle fruit and roots of the trees.

I received my primary education in Shree National Primary School, Siddi, Chitwan. I had to leave home at 08.00am to join my school hour at 10.00am. I was really fortu­nate to join the mission- Medical Checks for Children that was successfully managed and run by Dhruba Giri, Managing Director of Sapana Village Lodge and SVSI. I told him my problem that I repeated grade 5 for three times (3 years in the same class) because the school in my village doesn’t have grade 6 or 7.

Then I was asked if I wanted to come to Sapana Village for my further education. I decided to come here after discussing with my parents. I’m very happy that I could be the part of this great Sapana Village family.