Excursions and day trips with Sapana Village Lodge

Sapana Village Lodge offers a great variety of excursions through which you can explore and enjoy the beautiful culture and nature of Chitwan National Park.
You can book these activities one day in advance. Our staff can help you to select your ideal excursions.

Tharu-culture excursions
Travel back in time during our “village and culture” tours. Get to know the local Tharu community and their traditions by taking part in one of these activities.

Jungle and Nature excursions
Go deep into the jungle, sitting high on the back of an elephant while you discover Chitwan National Park. Meet a rhino during a safari. Get into a canoe and float down the river through the jungle. Spot exotic birds (more than 500 species are living into the National Park) or choose a jungle walk that you will remember for a long time. Discover our jungle program.

The surroundings of Chitwan and Chepang Hills, but also the world famous Annapurna offer extensive opportunities to take one or multiple day treks.

Festivals and ceremonies
Are you looking for a unique experience? Then take part in one of the traditional Tharu or Hindu festivals.

Getting married in Chitwan
Have you always dreamed of a unique fairytale and out of the ordinary wedding? We offer you the possibility to get married in Tharu traditional style. It would be a beautiful day that will make your dream come true.

Spa and Massage
When you want to dream away and let go of all the tension, then a massage at the Spa is a wonderful way to relax. The ladies are trained masseuses of the Healing Hands Body and Soul Academy.

Complete Nepal trip – Travel Nepal – Kathmandu and the Himalayas
Sapana Village Lodge offers you the possibility to create and organize a complete Nepal trip for you. We can make a custom program according to your wishes and preferences. We will take care of the booking of all accommodation, transport, guides and all other necessities. We will make sure your trip will be amazing from the moment you arrive, until your departure. Please contact Dhurba Giri, manager of Sapana for more information.

More Sapana Village Activities

USD $20 per person.
Duration: 1 hour.
Take this special course to learn the ins and outs of the Nepali kitchen! Our cook will show you how to prepare Nepali food in our own kitchen : Momo, Dal-Bhat, Tarkari, with Masala Tea… Then, enjoy the meal you cooked.

USD $65 per person. Minimum three days of work (few hours per day)
Learn how to weave a typical and famous Nepali small chair with Nandalal, our handy craft man in Sapana Village. Then, take the one you made at home!
Option 1: wood structure already done, you learn the weaving.
Option 2: you are making the wood structure + weaving  (only for expert people). You can ask us for more info.

What can be more relaxing than a meditation or a yoga session? Behind the trees, in our garden, you can find a peaceful porch with a panoramic view of the fields and live atmosphere of local life. The perfect place to feel serene and relax while practicing yoga by your own. If you like, a 1 hour session with a professional teacher from Chitwan is also possible. (Minimum 8 people)

USD $9 per tree and per person.
Duration : 1 hour.
Add your own tree in Sapana Village or surrounding. With the help of our naturalist guide, choose a tree form from our nursery and plant it in Sapana area.

by bicycle: USD $8 per person.
– by motorbike: USD $13 per person.
– by jeep: USD $15 per person.
Visit TANDI, a small town on the high way, buy fruit, vegetable and fabric.

Design your own clothes or be advice by Chitrasen sewing team. Choose your fabric in the sewing place or buy what do you like in Tandi or in any else fabric of you choice. Sewers take your’s measurements, you just need to choose your design and, let’s go!

Come to visit our shop, in the round house into the Sapana lodge garden.
You may find really special product from all around Nepal choose with love and attention, some are especially made for the lodge by designer.

Tax is not included in the price.