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Tharu Homestay (Narkatiya) is situated in a beautiful Tharu village on the northwestern side of Sapana Village Lodge. The homestay is managed by the local Tharu community and was founded in 2014 in collaboration with Sapana Village Lodge and its umbrella organization, Sapana Village Social Impact. The mission is to facilitate daily interactions with Western people, providing a unique way to acquaint them with individuals from different cultural backgrounds while generating income to enhance their living conditions.

NEPAL - Chitwan, Tharu people

Our Mission and Vision

An intensive meeting between the two cultures benefits Western people as well as the Tharu people, providing Westerners with an experience they will remember through out their lives. For the Tharu people, daily interaction with Westerners offers a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with individuals from different cultural backgrounds while earning income to improve their living conditions.

This project aligns with Sapana Village’s objectives and aims to give special attention to the preservation of Tharu culture. It will instill a sense of pride in the Tharu people regarding their culture, while offering Westerners an understanding of life in modest circumstances. Particularly, Tharu women will actively participate in the programs.

The project’s goals include providing Tharu people with income and ensuring the preservation of cultural elements. Simultaneously, it aims to offer Westerners a special experience and knowledge about life in a Tharu village.

NEPAL - Chitwan National Park, Tharu people

Nepal Tours & Excursions by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal

Tours & Excursions by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal

Programs Offering:


USD $65 per person Duration: overnight Transportation, dinner, tattoo included

You will leave the hotel in an ox cart or horse cart around 14:00 to go to a Tharu village. Here, you will be greeted by little girls with flowers and garlands in their hands, following the typical Nepali way of welcoming guests. As you walk into the village, you will receive detailed information about Tharu culture and traditions, and finally, you will prepare your dinner together with a local family. Do you enjoy dancing? The family will entertain you at night with dancing and singing. There are two twin rooms available where you can spend the night in the Tharu Village. Ever wanted a tattoo? Tharu women can create beautiful temporary henna tattoos on your hands or feet. It will be a unique experience to get to know the local people.

Cost includes: Overnight stay in Tharu homestay, Dinner, henna tattoo, village tour, local professional guide

Cost excludes: taxes, tips, bar bills, and personal expenses.

NEPAL - Chitwan National Park, Tharu people wedding

Nepal Tours & Excursions by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal

Tharu People Chitwan Nepal