How you can help? Support Sapana’s initiatives

By staying at Sapana Village Lodge, you are already helping to support the local community. The profit of the lodge is being used to set up local development projects.

Support projects
The financial aid of some guests of Sapana Village Lodge has been used to supply water pumps to provide the local people and children in government schools with clean drinking water, support children go to school, and purchase clothes and blankets for the poor.

If you want to do more to support the local community, managing director of the lodge and chairperson of SVSI Mr. Dhurba Giri has many ideas about how you can help. Please contact him if you are interested.

Help Sapana School
We are looking for sponsors to support Sapana School on the following topics.

– You can support gifting some bricks for new classroom.

– You can donate to sponsor poor children to study in Sapana School.

– You can financially sponsor for healthy food for the children.

– You can sponsor the salary of school teacher.

– You can help up on making the new classroom and setting up furniture.

– You can help by providing school supplies.

Gifts for the local people
Planning to bring presents to Nepal for the local community is a very good idea. Please bear in mind that most things are available in Nepal and you will stimulate the local economy by buying items locally.

There are some things that are not available in Chitwan and are highly appreciated if you want to bring them as a gift:

  • Toothpaste with fluoride
  • Childrens tooth brushes

Other ideas for useful gifts:

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Pens and other writing equipment
  • Notebooks

A lot of people give candy to the local children. Unfortunately for the children, it is not good to eat a lot of candy. In Nepal, children very seldom brush their teeth and cavities are a big problem. Aside from that the children have an increased chance of developing diabetes. We kindly ask you not to give candy to the children.

We kindly ask you not to give money to the local people without a reason, since this will encourage begging. If you want to help the local community in a constructive way, please contact our staff. They will go over the options with you. We also have a donation box for the local projects.