Culture Preservation

Sapana Village Lodge is located in the village of the Tharu people, the indigenous tribe of Chitwan. This is an ethnic group with its own culture: their own language, religious beliefs, their own festivals and way of decorating their houses. When the jungle in which they lived changed into a National Park and partly developed into farmland, Tharu people had to move and adapt their way of living.

Thanks to different local activities and projects, Sapana Village Lodge aims to preserve the cultural inheritance of Tharus, Botes, Chepang and other ethnic tribes. At the same time, the lodge tries to find ways to follow the wishes of local people to bring social services to a higher level.

Sapana Village Lodge initializes different small projects for the community to support local indigenous people.
SVSI, an organization created by the owner of Sapana Lodge, supports many small local businesses, helping them with micro-finance.

The lodge offers many activities to interact with and learn more about the various ethnic tribes people and their culture in complete immersion. The revenues generated by these activities directly benefit the local community.

Sapana Tharu Homestay in Sapana Lodge