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Shiva Kumar

Shiva Kumar


My Name is Shiva Kumar. I was born on 10th of April, 1997. I work as a Kitchen Helper at Sapana Village Lodge. I have completed my study up to SLC. I have a family of 4 members (Father, Brother, Sister-in-law and myself).

My Mother passed away on the 6th day of my Birth. I feel like I am the most unluckiest person in this world. I am very passionate about cooking and my dream is to be a successful cook. I like to travel with my friends and family and also I like to listen music. Singing is also one of my interest.

Sanjay, ex-staff at Sapana Village told me about this place. He told me about friendly staffs, beautiful environment and lots of good stuffs about Sapana Village. He also helped me to join here. Since then I am working very happily.