Help with Sapana’s Women Empowerment Program

Another part of the social impact program which Dhurba Giri, the owner of Sapana lodge, has created is a women empowerment program. Next to the Sapana Village Lodge, there is a building for women where they perform handycraft each day. Such as keychains, stuffed animals, furniture and more. Next to this they have a biological gardening program which is

focused on teaching agriculture. Another way of teaching agriculture is done in the mountains by for example goat farming. The women in this area are usually undereducated and have no chance of being independent. This is what the women empowerment program is founded for. To give the women in the area a chance to be independent, learn and create new things for themselves and the people around them. The items that they create are sold in the shop and all the profits go directly into the program. 


  • Helping the women in the empowerment program improve their handycraft
  • Providing the women with an opportunity for a better life
  • Help design new handycraft products
  • Help with agricultural biological farming 
  • Help with the agriculture in the mountains 

What is included?

  • Accommodation
  • All meals (typical Nepalese food Dal Bhat, if you are in need of different types of food it is possible to eat in the Sapana Village Lodge at own expense)
  • Daily activities in handycraft, agriculture and biological gardening
  • Laundy or washing
  • Regular tea, coffee and water
  • Pickup from local airport


  • Other meals
  • Other drinks
  • Government Tax

Please let us know about your plan and the amount of days you want to stay. The volunteering project runs all year long. In the Summer (monsoon) time it can be quite hot, but you can enjoy the greenery, in the winter it can be quite cold but the views are amazing. 

Sapana Design Project In Sapana Village Lodge
Social Projects Nepal - by Sapana Lodge Chitwan,Nepal
Sapana Tharu Handcrafts in Sapana Village Safari Resort in Chitwan
Social Projects Nepal - by Sapana Lodge Chitwan