Niranjan Tamang


Meet the Front Desk Executive of Sapana Village Safari Resort who has been contributing as a cashier.

Namaste and Greetings to all!!

I am Niranjan Tamang. I was born in December 5, 2000 in Sanepa-2, Lalitpur on a cold night blessed by the spirit of Christmas. I am unmarried and live with my mom, dad and a younger sister. I completed my 10th grade along with higher education and I am still studying to get my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. I have worked as a programmer in Kathmandu for 2 years before joining Sapana Village Lodge for work. I have been working on Sapana Village Lodge as a Front Desk Executive for 2 years. I am always looking for ways to improve my accounting skills and help the lodge in every way possible as the Front Desk Executive. I like to have fun with everyone and try to create some funny moments at job to loose some tension around.

I like to draw and listen to music during my leisure time. My dream is to learn about professional graphics designing and work as a professional graphics designer for a reputed company or even as an independent graphics designer. But for now I enjoy being a part of the Sapana Village Lodge a lot. Since I am fond of drawing so much, I also have some paintings I did on the rooms of Sapana Village Lodge. I hope you enjoy them!

Since I was born in a crowded city, Kathmandu working in Sapana Village Lodge, Chitwan which is in the heart of nature has been a breath of fresh air to me and I am very thankful for it. Sapana Village has it all; the greeneries, the birds, trees, nature and even the people are very friendly and kind to each other. I am very thankful to Sapana Village Lodge for giving me the opportunity to work as a Front Desk Executive in such a beautiful place and also for sharing my thoughts here.

Sapana Staff in Chitwan, Nepal, Sauraha