Hello I am Gita. I am your friendly neighborhood cat. I am 4 years old. Even though I am a stray cat the team of Sapana Village Lodge are kind enough to give me shelter here and feed me the tasty food they prepare here. Usually I am very relaxed and chilled. I like to interact with different guest that come to visit in the Sapana Lodge. My favorite thing to do is relax on the lap of the guests. I am anxious around new people but after I hang out with them for awhile I get very comfortable with them. I am very happy with my lifestyle as when I was small, I accidentally fell from the ceiling and almost died but I was lucky enough to see another day and since then I live everyday with joy, happiness and fun. I like to roam around the Lodge and take nap at the shades. Come visit me at the Sapana Lodge and you can watch me run around the Lodge and we could be best pals too.

Sapana Cat