Dated: 21 May 2019, Majhbang Siddi, Chitwan

On the mutual collaboration of Kalika Municipality, Sapana Village Lodge and Sapana Village Social Impact, one hundred beehives were distributed to 5 families of wards 10 & 11 in Siddi, Chitwan. The target is to reach up to 600 beehives to provide 30 families in three years. Farmers interested in bee-farming business have to signed the contract prepared by municipality office. The policy is to offer 20 beehives to each family and they have to invest some money for 10 beehives by themselves to start the project. The goal of the project is to attract youth for income generation program and motivate them to stay in Nepal with family than going abroad.
The beehives are not freely given. In fact, every family who have received 20 beehives now will have to refund them in three years. They will refund 5 beehives in the first year, 5 in second year and 10 in the third year. Then the refunded beehives will be given to other families.

We are glad to share the news of our previous successful male goats distribution project here in Siddi.