As the third prize distribution ceremony of Every Venture Begins with a Dream is coming soon in the month of October, we have already started the preparations. We trained the Jury who will work in all the clusters. Individual house visits and data collection works are in process till the final result comes. Basically, we taught the jury members about detailing the questions to the beneficiaries one by one and teaching them how to judge the family, and did field training. All the juries were taken to some houses and were asked to evaluate the house and provided feedback where necessary.
We have collected some pictures of the nurseries, goat shed, gardens, and many more which can be seen below. Through this analysis phase, we came to realize that we have achieved a milestone in creating awareness and changing the mindset of people living in Kaule.
At the beginning of our project, only 6.51% of HH had an improved smoke-free kitchen which is now increased to 54.37%. Only 37.22% of total families used to have latrines which are now doubled to 72.05%. 78.78% of the total households are now practicing waste management methods like composting manure by using decaying materials, using dustbins made of plastic sacks, etc.
Only 26.87% of families used to have decorated walls in their houses which is now increased to 53.53%.
On the other hand, 51.68% of total households have first aid at their home now which was at the zero % rate at the beginning which is a great achievement for us.
We believe there are still many mountains to climb. Keep supporting us because we believe when there is unity, there comes our victory.