Aiming Towards Chepang’s Better Tomorrow
On 22nd October, 2022, in Kaling, Ichhakamana-1, Chitwan, Sapana Village Social Impact has successfully organized “Third Prize Giving Ceremony” in presence of the Chairman Mr. Dhruba Giri, the Chief guest, the Chairman of Ichhakamana Rural Municipality, Mr. Dan Bahadur Gurung as well as other members of local government and schools, National Singers and Mr. Humberto from FEMI Foundation Netherlands to motivate and award those individuals and groups who have done greater contribution in uplifting the socio-economic condition of the project area in accordance with the module of Every Venture Begins with a Dream Project which is financed by FEMI Foundation Netherlands and the Nepal Government.
SVSI had organized Inter-Household Competition among 11 Clusters that have been in the project area of Every Venture Begins with a Dream. Following the Household competitions, there were award for the Best Goat Farmer, Best Fruit Farmer, Best Health Volunteer, Champions League and Best Mother.
Total amount of 50 thousand was handed over to each cluster excluding the 18 thousand to each best awardee, Champions League winner, and 80 thousand for the Best Mother Group. There were total of 55 inter household competition winners, 4 best awardee and 1 Champions League Winner.
Alongside the prize distribution, we also organized “Boer Goat Distribution Program” to total of 22 households. The name list of the 22 goat rearing farmers is given below: Aitimaya Chepang, Sarkini Chepang, Kumari Chepang, Purna Maya Chepang, Sumitra Chepang, Gauri Maya, Debaki Chepang, Suntauli Maya, Chandra Maya, Sanu Chepang, Chandra Chepang, Ishwori Rana Magar, Laal Maya Chepang, Kaali Maya Chepang, Hindi Maya Chepang, Chandra Kumari, Dil Kumari Chepang, Sano Kanchhi Chepang, Sari Maya Chepang, Hira Kumari Chepang, Som Kumari, and Sanu Maya Chepang.
Suri Bahadur Chepang, the ward chief of Thaprang village said that the Prize Giving Ceremony has played an important role in bringing positive changes in the lives of this community. Change is the thing that should starts within ourselves. To create a revolution, we must give up the habit of being a child who is still crawling to move. Now, its time to stand on our feet and be independent. Transformation will only take place after our independency.
Mr. Dhruba Giri, the Chairman of SVSI motivated the local people with the example of money and human life. The money which is just a piece of paper even if it is kicked or crushed with the feet or thrown in the garbage will never lose its value. Human life is the most valuable thing in the world yet we take it as a curse. We must change our mindset and should start to appreciate our existence and start living for our welfare leaving behind the caveman habits. According to the Chairman of Ichhakamana Rural Municipality, Mr. Dan Bahadur Gurung who said we are new to this system of the SVSI which is a good opportunity for us to learn the work of development from them and we will still be implementing the methods of developmental work learned from SVSI by ourselves even after being apart from SVSI so we can learn to be independent and keep track of our progress and develop further.
Principal of Bharang School gave thanks to SVSI for their intervention in the area of Ichhakamana, Kaule region. Since SVSI has entered this area, everything is getting normal. Schools are renovated and built. New students have started to enroll and the attendance of the existing students has been increasing. SVSI has played a major role in improving the condition of local people.