Social Projects – sustainable businesses by Sapana Lodge Chitwan Nepal

Hygiene projects in local primary schools
Hygiene is a subject of low interest in Nepal. To grow up healthy it is of great importance that children wash their hands and brush their teeth regularly. To educate children about hygiene Sapana Village Lodge supports local schools by providing soap, making water pumps and educating both children and teachers about hygiene.

Small scale help to the local community
Sapana Village Lodge gives clothes and blankets to some of the poorest families to help them get through the winter.

Sapana Society – Meeting point for the elderly
At this local meeting point at the lodge, local elderly people meet each other to talk, share stories and read to each other. It is a highly appreciated gesture to the locals and they use this opportunity to socialize a lot.

Garbage bins in the village
Garbage is a big problem in Nepal. There is no official garbage collection and people just throw their garbage on the streets or in the rivers, or they leave it in the jungle. Sapana provided garbage bins in the village of Malpur (the surrounding Village of Sapana). These garbage bins are cement rings in which the villagers can collect and burn their garbage. There is no recycling of for instance plastic, so burning is the only option, but it is better then it laying around everywhere. At the same time we stimulate teachers at local schools to teach children about environmental friendly behaviour and to clean up their garbage. We hope this project stimulates people to start thinking of their environment and take responsibility to keep it clean.

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