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Educational Tour in Chitwan Park

Through this short note, we would like to inform everyone that Sapana Village can be a suitable destination of Educational Tour to the students. We would be more than happy to welcome and accommodate all those interested to visit this resort. Thank you.We truly admired the recent visit of 46 students and 5 teachers from British School at Sapana Village Lodge, Chitwan, experiencing and enjoying some cultural and natural activities. Elephant Jungle Ride, Canoe Trip and short walk through the nature, candy making for elephants, elephant painting, and few hours jeep safari to spot animals were all much appreciated and enjoyed by teachers and students. The students learnt about the local life of Tharu people involving on activities like Tharu house decoration, Tharu Fishing and working in the fields. They were very excited to learn the culture participating on the evening stick dance program. Students could learn about the methods of farming and the use of bio-gas for cooking.

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Tharu Cultural Programs

You can enjoy being with Tharu people to get involved in their various cultural and traditional activities. Some of their daily performances are briefly described below.Tharu people are the original tribe of the lowland of Terai region who have been lived here for thousands of years. In the beginning, they lived in the jungle fully depending on plants, trees and wild animals. Hunting and fishing were their occupations in their early days. But once the Chitwan National Park was established in 1973A.D. and these people were moved out of the park area, they had to change their profession from hunting to agriculture. It was very difficult for them to adopt the farming, but they quickly learnt from other tribes of people who were migrated from the Mountain Region.

Tharu House Decoration 

The mixture of cow dung and mud is used to clean the walls of Tharu houses. Once the walls are dry, then you learn to make beautiful creations with your hands on them using some bright colors. Tharu people do the decoration of their house to bring good luck and prosperity in the family. By doing this, you will be like their family member just for a little while.

Henna Tattoo Painting

Tharu people are known for many tattoos on their hands and legs, especially married women. They definitely make permanent tattoos on their marriage, but you can enjoy learning how to make tattoos by Henna and have on your arms or legs too.  Don’t worry; they do not remain for more than a week.

Working in the Field

Tharu people are very hard-working farmers. They grow various seasonal crops and vegetables in their fields. Joining the women on the fields, plants rice, and cut grass or in the vegetable gardens, you can have a wonderful experience.

Tharu Fishing

Fishing is the only occupation that Tharu people started for the beginning of their settlement in Chitwan and they still follow and enjoy these days. Using the fishing nets made by themselves, they catch small fish and love eating spicy fish-curry with local rice-wine. So learn to fish in Tharu style holding nets and baskets walking through the river. Sometimes you can simply enjoy a type of joy fishing.

Nature and Jungle Excursions

Elephant Candy Making

Elephant Bath

Elephants always have a big appetite. They mostly eat leaves, tall elephant grass, fruit and branches of trees. A mature elephant requires 200-300 kg of food every day. Sitting beside the Mahouts (Elephant Drivers), you can make candy (Kuchi in Nepali) for elephants using straw, rice, sugar and salt and feed them.

Elephant mostly like to take mud bath to keep their thick skin cool. Regular bathing is vital to the good health of the elephants. After a short ride on its bare-back towards the river, you provide a gentle massage rubbing stone while lying down into the water. You will be rewarded with a refreshing trunk full of water to give a bath as well. This could be definitely a great fun.

NEPAL - Chitwan, Elephant wash

Elephant Riding Through Forest

These giants land animals are used for jungle safari to spot animals into Chitwan National Park. The ride on an elephant provides a great vantage point for viewing the abundant wildlife in the core area. Surprisingly elephants get very close to the rhinos as if they are neighbors.

Elephant Make Up

Elephants are loveable and friendly animals and they have very good sense of humor. They look amazingly beautiful on decoration with harmless colors especially during local festivals. So these animals can be your friends and you can have a wonderful experience and personal moment to decorate them. It gives you much fun and pleasure.

Canoeing River Trip

Canoe trip is a relaxing way to explore and enjoy the nature spotting various water birds, two types of crocodiles and some common animals. This trip could be a short of 45 minutes and a long of 3 hour.

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