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Sapana Village, Nepal and BUNCH, Netherlands began to realize the importance of “Right to Health” of children of Chitwan region since we started to work together in 2006. Our mission is to bring health to more people in rural Nepal. Accepting the numerous challenges during our missions, we have been started to work for mother and children teaching them about health, hygiene and nutrition. Considering the lack of basic knowledge about health, our focused was to teach mothers about child and maternal health, hand-washing with soap, regular balance diet and clean drinking water.

During the mission this year, we found the children with the problems like Pneumonia, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Active worm infection, Ear infection, Dental problem, Skin problem etc. The problem of Underweight and Anemia were very sensible cases found in most of children. Medicines like iron, multivitamins for mother and children, anti-worm tablets along with tooth-paste, tooth-brush, soap, educational materials and warm clothes. Below is the number of targeted children we had treated in a few different rural villages.
Day 1
– Siddi Village ( Chepang people ) – 103 children
Day 2
– Siddi Village ( Chepang  people ) – 212 Children
Day 3
– Shaktikhor / Latauli Village – 180 children
Day 4
– Chandi School of Chainpur Village – 153 children
Day 5
– Kumroj Tharu Village – 169 children
Day 6
– Sapana Village, Malpur and Bagmara – 146 children
Day 7
– Chitrasari School – 142 children
The total number of children checked up during our mission is 1105.

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