Dental Checked-up Mission 2012 The Dental Mission 14-18 of October 2012 was organized by Open-Eyes, Germany and Sapana Village Lodge, Chitwan in various remote villages of Chitwan areas treating the following number of patients with their tooth problem. 15th October – 2012 – Kumroj Village Development Committee – Treated 120 sick people 16th October – 2012 – Piple Village Development Committee – Treated 115 sick people 17th October – 2012 – Shaktikhor Village Development Committee – Treated 153 sick people 18th October – 2012 – Siddi Village popularly known as Chepang Village – Treated 77 sick people We would also like to acknowledge our sincere thanks to Bakulahar-Ratnanagar Hospital Management Committee members for their great co-operation during the entire checked-up mission.

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