Burn is very common in the rural societies of Nepal and little children often get burnt while playing around the kitchen. But the case we have found with this little innocent child is completely different. Nisha is the victim of her own mother who has been admitted in Medical College, Bharatpur-Chitwan for her treatment. She had a very successful operation on Sunday,the 13th May. We would like to thank the financial contribution of Benefit Concert of Joke and her friends of Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

She was discharged from Medical College and brought to Sapana Village after the 13th days of her treatment. We would definitely like to thank the entire Medical Team for providing her more attention during the admission period in hospital. She is a lot better now than she was found in the beginning and we pray for her quick recovery. We pick her up in the morning from Grandmother’s house (See in the picture) for the dressing-up the wound and she stays at Sapana Village for the entire day. She wants to go back to grandmother to sleep so that we need to drop off her again. We are really working for the solution of her permanent stay because her grandmother is too old to look after her.

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